Return Announcement

Solemnly declare

Each member units:
    Recently, units and individuals using the China association for exhibition, or pretend that exhibition association cooperation with China, for I will send notice some member units and text messages, for I will member units to participate in the organization of exhibition engineering enterprise qualification review, the overseas investigation visit, sales of commemorative COINS and other activities. Here, special remind each member unit vigilant, beware deceived. Here we solemnly declare as follows:
    First, China's exhibition hall association 2013 annual exhibition engineering enterprise qualification review activities will be in mid-april, contact: Liu Liang; Contact phone: 010-84600962. Other units to carry out the qualification evaluation of activity and I have nothing to do, or awarded by other units to assess the qualifications of I will be recognized.
    Second, I will not organize 3 - November 2013 to visit abroad. In this time period, all kinds of industry visits China exhibition association group.
    Third, I will never participate in distribution of commemorative COINS, gold and other activities.
    Related activities notice please pay attention to the China association for exhibition site, we inform you that! Please pay attention.

China's exhibition association secretariat
On April 10, 2013