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Ningbo speed up the build of"regional international conference and exhibition"

Policy funds in place exhibition transformation into opportunities
In 2012, ningbo the 12th party congress explicitly proposed to ningbo into a "regional international conference and exhibition of" grand goal, and put forward to the exhibition industry as a key way to promote the development of modern service industry. Ningbo exhibition industry after 15 years of development, begin to enter the key stage of transformation and upgrading. To better play to the exhibition industry to promote economic leverage, recently, the ningbo government successively issued "about further promotion of the construction of regional international conference and exhibition of several opinions (" opinion") and "ningbo exhibition industry development special funds management method", "management method"), the implementation of the policy and funds, clear reveals the ningbo government building of "regional international conference and exhibition" determination and confidence.
The development of exhibition industry in ningbo, "opinion", "road map" is clearly visible, closely around the "structural adjustment, promote the transformation and grasp pragmatic" work goals, focus on the development direction of practice three turn "four modernizations" : the so-called "four modernizations" continue to adhere to market-oriented, specialization, branding, internationalization; The so-called "three turns", the exhibition industry from quantity scale to promote quality benefit, the government's leading exhibition project transition towards marketization, from consumer show mainly to trade mainly to the exhibition. As the "opinions", ningbo in exhibition industry began in the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment of new opportunities.
Through the "opinion" and "management method", the transfer of information in addition to the macro orientation, more still focus on the actual demand for the development of exhibition industry, ningbo policy orientation is very clear, including the five priorities is worth our attention.
First, pay attention to the objective.
"Opinions" clearly points to highlight key, concentrating on brand exhibition project of three aspects:
Developing regional industry being is related to the exhibition. According to the "relying on industry, service industry, improve industry" train of thought, cultivate and zhuhai to build advanced equipment manufacturing industry base, promote the "4 + 4 + 4" industrial upgrading engineering and related to promote the development of Marine economy and open economy, exhibition, positive support to promote consumption and driving the development of culture, tourism and other work significantly related to the exhibition, foster new theme exhibition, to promote traditional theme exhibition, efforts to promote interaction exhibition industry and related industry development.
Foster development being imported type of exhibition. To adapt to the requirements of the new situation, intensify policy support and accelerate the development of imported class especially fair trade type, guide the exhibition exhibits from the ordinary commodity import to areas such as equipment, technology development, actively boost import commodity exhibition trading center construction. Among them, the imported exhibits more than the sum of the exhibition area of exhibition exhibition area of more than 50%, both the center from the exhibition of all ChangZuFei; Less than 50%, from all imported exhibits the ChangZuFei accordingly.
Being strongly support classes focus on brand trade exhibition. Adhere to the "key areas, strictly control" principle, merit, government should foster a number of brand exhibition. Adhere to market-oriented development direction, intensify support, foster a batch of market leading brand exhibition, key support in both trade exhibition center and operation specification, encourage the development of exhibition and trade entities corresponding virtual exhibition. Follow the exhibition since the childhood, from weak to strong growth regularity, actively support the small and medium-sized exhibition constantly bigger and stronger, doing fine designed.
Second, pay attention to actual effect.
This is mainly embodied in the integration of the government's leading exhibition promotion. "Opinion" is put forward according to quality, strict requirements, pragmatic, grasp the traditional focus on each of the government's leading exhibition project system evaluation and selection, keep a good effect and prospect of ChongDianXing exhibition project, the integration of a number of its overlapping, repeatability of exhibition projects, adjust a batch of development is slow, short cycle of exhibition projects, close a small role, low efficiency of convention and exhibition projects. At the same time, we will strictly control new exhibition project of government leading, strictly control the number of monomer activity and correlation is not big or regarded as monomers. Special funds for the municipal governments at the corresponding level leading exhibition project according to the "total amount control, special set up, as a whole, department use, performance management, financial supervision" requirement, set up a sound system of convention and exhibition project special funds management and performance evaluation mechanism, standardize the use and management of funds, improve the efficient use of funds.
Third, pay attention to ductility.
In the exhibition industry brand construction and level, more emphasis on the influence of the project and plasticity. "Opinions" requirement focus on strengthening with domestic or foreign brand exhibition with corresponding institutions and national related industry association cooperation and exchanges, vigorously introduce exhibition subject and international brand, national brand exhibition; Take the lead in advance with Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan exhibition industry cooperation. For newly established in the center of the both international and national exhibition of solicit units or individuals that first commended and special reward accordingly. In the field of promote the independent brand project construction, according to the government leading, market leading two kinds big, prominent key, innovation in the annual poll of municipal outstanding exhibition projects. The honors of outstanding exhibition project, which leading to the market's outstanding exhibition project to give the corresponding financial rewards. For obtaining UFI such famous international organization certification and China, ningbo city, zhejiang province famous trademark or brand name and a registered trademark of exhibition project one-time give corresponding special reward, respectively.
Fourth, pay attention to innovation.
City exhibition industry sustainable development, the exhibition is the soul, the "opinions" in special for ZuZhan form and the enterprises to carry out the policy to encourage and innovation. , ZuZhan ways, requirements according to the e-government "normalization" of market economy, the business activities of the guidance, actively promote "government + enterprises" operating mode, namely, led by corresponding responsibility department as a whole and related administrative activities, through the service outsourcing, by the concrete to undertake professional exhibition companies in and outside business activities. Accelerate the marketization of the government's leading exhibition project operation mode to transformation, continuously enhance the level of marketization, specialization of host. In enterprise management, and guide exhibition enterprises make full use of the information technology means, strengthen internal management and exhibition project network marketing. Support exhibition obtained the ISO international quality system certification enterprises, promote the international competitive ability. Support the convention and exhibition companies to join international famous exhibition organizations, to promote international marketing strategy. Commendation and reward for every year a number of registered in zhuhai strength, good performance and good reputation and management innovation of the convention and exhibition enterprises.
Fifth, pay attention to coordination.
Ningbo exhibition industry development, has formed a mature operation security system, but with the expansion of the industry influence, construction of exhibition security environment in the exhibition industry transformation and upgrading of the special period becomes especially important. For some time to come, ningbo will be from the aspects of exhibition policy and comprehensive management services to increase support for convention and exhibition industry. Annually since 2013 to 25 million yuan city exhibition industry development special funds, mainly used for market-oriented exhibition project funding, convention and exhibition enterprise support and excellent exhibition project selection, convention and exhibition work advanced unit and individual awards, etc.; Strengthen coordination, explore research conference and exhibition enterprises preferential tax policies. Ningbo via letter, foreign trade and economic cooperation, trade, Marine, tourism, culture, trade promotion and other departments at the same time, it will combine the needs of the development of their respective, flaunt convention and exhibition enterprise support will lead; Ningbo propaganda, public security, financial, human, food and drug supervision of social security, urban management, health, industry and commerce, quality control, intellectual property department to combine their respective functions, completes the development of exhibition industry and the corresponding service project security work.
"Opinion" is ningbo create new benchmark of "regional international conference and exhibition", the drum is clear, specific goals. New opportunities brought by the new policy will help ningbo set off a wave of the development of exhibition industry, who will become the new players, worthy of we are looking forward to!

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