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    In order to better build exhibition enterprises, between the communication platform between industry and government, promote the enterprise internal exhibition theory and corporate culture, enlarge the influence of convention and exhibition enterprise in the industry, enrich the content of the "exhibition of communication", member of China association of exhibition hall to the industry experts and invite the press release. 
    Of member units, please specify a correspondent, timely provide newsworthy company information to us. 
    Specific requirements: content for the enterprise internal dynamic information about the exhibition news (unclassified), such as the company meeting, planning and implementation, leading to visit and to attend the meeting, and speeches. Any words. 
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China association of the exhibition hall

In April 2012



Exhibition of dynamic
China association of museum exhibition industry enterprise credit evaluation review work
Member of the dynamic
The 22nd China international exhibition on information communication in Beijing China international exhibition center
CTV Canon and xinjiang university construction engineering school reached a strategic cooperation agreement between colleges

New members to introduce
Beijing dahua century exhibition co., LTD
Beijing HuaLu joy technology co., LTD
The wisdom of the Beijing international exhibition co., LTD
Beijing wi Harper exhibition co., LTD
Pen, the main building (Shanghai) exhibition service co., LTD
Hefei LanJian exhibition service co., LTD
Jiang Xirong beauty technology co., LTD
Kunming policy happiness you digital technology co., LTD
Nanjing crystal digital technology co., LTD
Shanghai pen g exhibition co., LTD
Shanghai pen state exhibition service co., LTD
Shanghai chong xing computer technology co., LTD
Shanghai LanKai exhibition service co., LTD
Love sales network (shenzhen) co., LTD
Shenzhen bao an eagle construction group co., LTD

The dynamic (domestic)
The 10th China - asean expo and nanning opening business and investment summit Wan Jifei President and prime minister li keqiang
China-arab expo 2013 in yinchuan send congratulations xi jinping
Cibtm 2013 grand opening
Held in October 4th anxi tea abundantmeeting creating thrifty with high standard professional event
The first international travel fair in October, macau to 12 countries and regions
The pearl of the Yellow River new landmark national automobile feast in the city of swan
In November the first global jiangxi, international trade and investment fair held in boao
The 7th house expo held in November in hefei first into the consumer electronics show
In December the first China expo held in zhengzhou will authorize goods exclusive identification
The 4th China international smart grid equipment and technology to be held in Shanghai in April next year

The dynamic (foreign)
National Day anniversary of contemporary Chinese painting art show held in Indonesia
The 10th China commodity exhibition opening nearly 500 SBC Amman
2013 China (Jordan) commodity exhibition opening (phase ii) in Amman
Britain will be held in the middle ages to explore the history of pearl pearl exhibition