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    In order to better build exhibition enterprises, between the communication platform between industry and government, promote the enterprise internal exhibition theory and corporate culture, enlarge the influence of convention and exhibition enterprise in the industry, enrich the content of the "exhibition of communication", member of China association of exhibition hall to the industry experts and invite the press release.
    Of member units, please specify a correspondent, timely provide newsworthy company information to us.
    Specific requirements: content for the enterprise internal dynamic information about the exhibition news (unclassified), such as the company meeting, planning and implementation, leading to visit and to attend the meeting, and speeches. Any words.
    Contributions, please send email:
   Consultation telephone: 010-84600956
    Filling sign long-term effective. For your support and cooperation, we express our heartfelt thanks to you for.

China association of the exhibition hall

In April 2012



Exhibition of dynamic
Members of the eighth China exhibition association conference held in lanzhou complete the fifth China Eastern and western China exhibition association exhibition industry development BBS held in lanzhou
2013 exhibition engineering enterprise and exhibition venues department project qualification certificate issued by ceremony held successfully
2013 annual exhibition engineering enterprise and exhibition venues qualification level of the results of the engineering department of the public
China association of exhibition in 2013 credit evaluation results publicity

Member of the dynamic
Release movement dynamic showing family national conference center second "home power + power" family day joy
The Shanghai international auto parts, maintenance inspection diagnosis equipment and services supplies the exhibition will be held in Shanghai

New members to introduce
Beijing rui jiaming advertising co., LTD.
Beijing north gen international exhibition co., LTD.
Beijing great international conference and exhibition service co., LTD.
Beijing Oriental product is corporate image planning co., LTD.
Beijing exhibition HuaJia routine design co., LTD.
Fuzhou new orange exhibition project co., LTD.
Birch lam exhibition design (Shanghai) co., LTD.
Jinrui fung (Beijing) exhibition co., LTD.
Nanjing hand in research of science and technology industrial co., LTD.
Ningxia hua hui online network technology co., LTD.
Shanghai dragon thousand phase advertising co., LTD.
Jele Shanghai exhibition co., LTD.
Shanghai Asia and exhibition engineering co., LTD.
Weihai international exhibition center
Wenzhou vanke display equipment co., LTD.
Zhejiang new central building decoration engineering co., LTD.

The dynamic (domestic)
Wan Jifei chairman attended the 10th China - asean business and investment summit, the 10th China - asean expo China organizing committee meeting
Hohhot, will be held on August the first China international cloud computing expo
76 countries and regions, publishers will figure at the 20th Beijing expo
The first China - Arab country fair held September ningxia yinchuan
The 16th preparations for tangshan TaoBo event held in September in full swing
Chongqing international high-end life fair in November 2013 luxurious appearance
Preparations for the Chinese electrical appliances expo in Shanghai in 2014 officially launched
West no.1 foundry industry in chongqing in March next year to hold

The dynamic (foreign)
Seoul cartoon image expo crowds "chain" le bad children
San Diego anime show will be the opening cospaly fans gathered
The fifth Peru international food exposition will attract attention of Chinese enterprises
The 127th Palermo show: zero distance contact with animals
Munich this winter will be held in Germany's first new media art expo

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