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    In order to better build exhibition enterprises, between the communication platform between industry and government, promote the enterprise internal exhibition theory and corporate culture, enlarge the influence of convention and exhibition enterprise in the industry, enrich the content of the "exhibition of communication", member of China association of exhibition hall to the industry experts and invite the press release. 
    Of member units, please specify a correspondent, timely provide newsworthy company information to us. 
    Specific requirements: content for the enterprise internal dynamic information about the exhibition news (unclassified), such as the company meeting, planning and implementation, leading to visit and to attend the meeting, and speeches. Any words. 
    Contributions, please send email:
   Consultation telephone: 010-84600956
    Filling sign long-term effective. For your support and cooperation, we express our heartfelt thanks to you for. 

China association of the exhibition hall

In April 2012



Exhibition of dynamic
China association of museum exhibition engineering level of qualification evaluation expert database into the perfecting stage
The China association for exhibition site commissioning
Member of the dynamic
Informed 2013 annual exhibition of changzhou cultural industry guide capital support

New members to introduce
Macao association international conference and exhibition (Beijing) co., LTD
Beijing deep breathing culture development co., LTD
Chengdu tranche brothers display engineering co., LTD
Guangzhou Macao horse design exhibition co., LTD
Guangzhou high YiChuang exhibition exhibition engineering co., LTD
Jiangsu triangular technology development co., LTD
Companies flourish of image planning (Beijing) co., LTD
Shanghai JingTai construction co., LTD
Sichuan circuit exhibition co., LTD
Shenzhen smithsonian exhibition co., LTD

The dynamic (domestic)
China - economic and trade symposium in Jamaica was successfully held in Beijing
In September the first china-arab expo kicks off in ningxia Kuwait the guest
The third China - asean expo (liuzhou) steam is scheduled for October
The 15th west lake international expo will be held on October kicks off 29 days
Hunan third financial expo set sail October will push the 10 theme activities
Guangzhou nansha international yacht expo will be held Yu Jinqiu again in October
October at shen CIPE2013 packaging exhibition in Shanghai
The ninth cross-strait forestry exposition held in November in fujian sanming
The second session of Chinese antique city league exposition will be held in luoyang in December
The 6th Asian logistics biennale, which will be held in Shanghai in June next year
2015 Beijing consumer electronics show a similar show five cases of the "most"

The dynamic (foreign)
The 37th American hunting products fair kicked off in Houston
The world's largest energy exploration and production exposition opened in Houston in the United States
Held the 29th in Seoul, South Korea international exhibition of early childhood education
The 11th Moscow show four big hook: bayi airshow debut lead