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    In order to better build exhibition enterprises, between the communication platform between industry and government, promote the enterprise internal exhibition theory and corporate culture, enlarge the influence of convention and exhibition enterprise in the industry, enrich the content of the "exhibition of communication", member of China association of exhibition hall to the industry experts and invite the press release.
    Of member units, please specify a correspondent, timely provide newsworthy company information to us.
    Specific requirements: content for the enterprise internal dynamic information about the exhibition news (unclassified), such as the company meeting, planning and implementation, leading to visit and to attend the meeting, and speeches. Any words.
    Contributions, please send
    Consultation telephone:010-84600956
    Filling sign long-term effective. For your support and cooperation, we express our heartfelt thanks to you for.

China association of the exhibition hall

In April 2012



Exhibition of dynamic
China association of exhibition hall the 8th member of congress and the fifth China's exhibition industry development in both east and west BBS will be held in lanzhou
2013 annual exhibition engineering enterprise and exhibition venues engineering department level of qualification review the initial results of the public
Members shall pay 2013 dues work is under way
Association leaders attending the 12th 2013 China shenyang international automobile industry exposition and attend the opening ceremony
Association leadership art engineering corporation to visit lu xun academy of fine arts

Member of the dynamic
The national conference center quality service the second Beijing intersection sparkling highlights
Warm congratulations on million products China's successful promotion nanxiang 50 entrepreneurship competition finals

New members to introduce
The Beijing d gen exhibition exhibition services co., LTD
Beijing Oriental beauty exhibition co., LTD
Beijing yu cheng exhibition service co., LTD
Wuhan Macintosh technology co., LTD
Genertec international advertising &exhibition co., LTD
Suzhou exhibition constant exhibition service co., LTD
Shenzhen shadow image technology co., LTD
Shenzhen qianding technology co., LTD
Lin construction group co., LTD
Nanning city hui Long Gaoxiang marketing planning co., LTD
Jiangsu day I construction engineering co., LTD
Jiangsu huaming science and education equipment co., LTD
Guangzhou number kei electronics technology co., LTD
Changzhou creative exhibition tent co., LTD., Beijing century adamantly hao co., LTD
Beijing embellish DE heng Long exhibition co., LTD
Beijing navigation section culture media co., LTD
The dynamic (domestic)
China international chamber of commerce member unit of urban rail transit project consortium strategic cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony held in Beijing
The first China signed - South Asia expo 314 cooperation projects
The 11th China · channel project results fair held in fuzhou
"When I met you" integration of the world's children art exhibition will be opened in guangzhou
Deep wine exhibition of Hong Kong and Macao, shenzhen tea expo 2013 will be opened in July
The first China international treasured works culture expo into the one hundred - day countdown
China · suifenhe port of international trade fair will be held on August 8 opening
The eighth China flower expo will be held in September in jiangsu changzhou
In October of 2013, the emex suzhou electronics manufacturing and environmental protection exhibition's great
Shandong (linyi) tea abundantmeeting autumn in November to meet you once again

The dynamic (foreign)
The 44th art Basel, Switzerland
2013 Tokyo international toy products into the highest grossing opened on intelligence
The fiftieth Paris international air show the lift strong wind in China
International tourism fair held in varadero 33rd Cuba
More than 300 global photovoltaic enterprises will meet in South Korea in September
The 7th international trade fair in November in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia