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    In order to better build exhibition enterprises, between the communication platform between industry and government, promote the enterprise internal exhibition theory and corporate culture, enlarge the influence of convention and exhibition enterprise in the industry, enrich the content of the "exhibition of communication", member of China association of exhibition hall to the industry experts and invite the press release. 
    Of member units, please specify a correspondent, timely provide newsworthy company information to us. 
    Specific requirements: content for the enterprise internal dynamic information about the exhibition news (unclassified), such as the company meeting, planning and implementation, leading to visit and to attend the meeting, and speeches. Any words. 
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China association of the exhibition hall

In April 2012



Exhibition of dynamic
Association leaders met with ccpit leader in jilin province
2013-2014 "China exhibition association member list" revision work official start
Members shall pay 2014 dues work is under way

Member of the dynamic
Dalian xinghai exhibition tourism group Li Xuesong chairman visit brought the group
    Four system successfully the development of industrialization of modern building in shenyang
    The third China (shenyang) international modern architecture industry exposition new upgrade professional high-tech modern architecture industry event
    For quality and environmental management system dual certification jinhaiyu engineering gold brand

New members to introduce
Between heaven and earth in anhui decoration design engineering co., LTD
Beijing qi hair exhibition service co., LTD
Beijing sanhe era technology co., LTD
Beijing sun light film and TV technology co., LTD
Beijing new visual exhibition co., LTD
Guangxi is culture communication co., LTD
Guangzhou han wind decoration engineering co., LTD
Guilin rhinoceros spirit culture dissemination advertising co., LTD
Hubei see ji impression technology co., LTD
Shanghai coton display design engineering co., LTD
Shenzhen acto new media technology co., LTD

The dynamic (domestic)
BBS Wan Jifei President to attend the fifth world Chinese economy
Opening of the 14th west lake expo in chengdu allied leaders and speech
November 15th, shenzhen opened more than 20 countries and regions will be participating
The tenth xiamen living exhibition will be held on November more outstanding marketing operation
The 2nd world health fair will be held in Shanghai in November
The first "Beijing Oriental art expo" will be opened at the end of November
HaQiaHui next year upgraded to "China - Russia fair"
Top art treasures blockbuster: 2014 guangzhou international art exhibition of annatto furniture collection
Pure high-end home appliances brands abroad attention AWE2014 GuDianZhan in Shanghai
Wuhan will host the first international furniture fair 2014 brand furniture jiang

The dynamic (foreign)
The dynamic (foreign)
Congo held the first international conference on solid ore and the expo
South Korea "slow food" exhibition held 6 days for the first time to attract 530000 visitors
The 65th Frankfurt book fair opening of Brazil was invited as a guest
Thirtieth session of the Los Angeles auto show preview 22 world debut cars
Japan's largest dynamic exhibition "AnimeJapan 2014" will be held in March next year
Hold the 40th international contemporary art fair in Paris, France